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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

Dogs, Birds, and Bunnies, Oh My!


Kick team members made the yearly journey to Vegas for SuperZoo ’16 to check out what’s new in the pet world. We make this trip to stay on top of new trends, competition, messaging and to see holes in the marketplace that we can help our clients fill.

Here are a few takeaways from the trip

Humanization of the pet: This continues to be a category trend. We are buying pets to start our family, and extend them — especially Millennials (The number of millennial pet owners grew 25% between 2007-2015). This means we are looking for foods we consider for ourselves, like GMO and gluten-free, Vega
n (yes even vegan), human-grade food facilities, sustainable ingredients, etc. And we want our pets to be beautiful with colors, collars, jewels, wearables, comfortable beds and games. Americans are spending more on their pets than they ever have before. Americans estimated to spend $62.75 billion on pet expenses this year compared to $60.28 last year according to the APPA.

Dialed up branding: With all the private equity monies being invested in the pet category, improved branding, messaging and packaging continue to be a big trend. You don’t have to spend like a Fortune 500 company to look like one though — that is where smart marketing partners with experience in the category come into play (yes, a blatant plug for calling Kick here). Most of our clients are small to mid-cap companies, but they look big-cap with our help.

Online retailers: Some large, and small, manufacturers are making a promise not to sell their brands to online retailers, and only sell them to Independent retailers. All to help keep small retailers alive. This is awesome for the Independent market and allows them to have a unique offering for their customers.

What will #SZ17 hold? Can’t wait to make the trip and find out!