Ideas that Kick
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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

Happiness is Its Own Award.


How do you measure success? Many agencies tout their famous, exclusive accounts. Various clients gauge ROI in various ways. Individuals often attach a dollar sign to it.

We’re incredibly proud of our clients, our work and our results, but we’ve always measured our success as an agency a bit differently: in happiness. At the end of the day, our award shelf isn’t as important to us as our client relationships. We’d rather be happy than heralded.

It makes us happy to be respected and appreciated for our contributions as strategic and creative partners. We’re happy when we’re valued for our business and design thinking. Happiness is when client and agency alike feel positive about their shared experience.


Making clients look good makes us happier than just about anything. We’re smart and serious about how we resolve business challenges, but we measure successful client relationships in laughter and friendship first.

In our experience, when everybody’s happy, results, ROI and the rest all fall into place.