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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

Has Your Brand Lost its Relevance?


Several clients have approached us over the years saying, “Our brand has lost its relevance with consumers—help us find our way back into their hearts.”

If your brand has lost its way, it can be an uphill climb back into your consumers’ hearts and minds. But it can be done, and it always starts with listening. Through listening, you find insights about the why, how and what:

  1. Why your brand resonates

  2. How your brand can fill a niche

  3. What specific steps your brand can take to resonate once again

 Perhaps you’re unsure if your brand has lost relevance. If so, ask yourself these four questions:

  • Is my brand’s format stale?

  • Is my brand’s message stale?

  • Is my brand stuck in one aisle of the store?

  • Is my brand prone to seasonality?

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Stale format

When we met LockerMate®, the brand was struggling to stay relevant in a category that was experiencing lots of innovation. Their goals were to regain distribution, increase sales and position the company for acquisition. We helped them achieve these goals by adding texture, shapes and personalization to old and new product lines. We even created a new nomenclature for product categories, which enabled easy product expansion.

The strategies helped LockerMate win back the love of retailers and tween girls alike — and they were even acquired. Success! 

Stale message

Sometimes a brand has lost relevance because it is missing an engaging message. Take Minute Cup broths, for example. When the brand first approached us, their sole message was feature-focused: convenience. They did a great job making the K-cup® useful for more than coffee, but they needed to offer more value than convenience alone to remain relevant to consumers.


Through insights unearthed, an opportunity was discovered to tap into the active lifestyle demographic (think Paleo diet and CrossFit®). Those with on-the-go lifestyles crave both nourishment and convenience. The answer? LonoLife™—bone broth in K-cups. It was such a hit that the brand quickly grew from zero stores to 2,500 stores and now to over 6,000+ stores and product form expansions.


Stuck in one aisle

Sometimes a brand becomes so well known for one category that to branch into another feels like a stretch. Unless it’s done right. You know Mrs. Fields® as a cookie company. Our candy manufacturing client licensed the Mrs. Fields name for the confection category. The manufacturer’s strength was enrobed candies — those yummy candies you get at the holidays with mysterious fillings. So, they put the Mrs. Fields name on those same type of candies. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t working. Consumers didn’t understand the connection between Mrs. Fields the cookie brand and Mrs. Fields Confections the candy brand. And retailers were asking for a reason to stock the products when there were already other types like that on their shelves.

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We helped them become more relevant — and make more sense to consumers — by creating Cookie Dough Delights. (And yes, these bite-sized balls of chocolate-covered cookie dough are deliciously irresistible!) Now that Mrs. Fields Confections had created its own unique reason to be in the candy aisle, the connection between the brand and the product was strong.

Prone to seasonality

Using the same Mrs. Fields Confections example, their enrobed candies were seasonal in-and-outs in the holiday gifting aisle. When a brand is prone to seasonality, it can be operationally challenging, and it can be tough on a brand. When we were exploring how to best get Mrs. Fields Confections into the holiday gifting aisle, we also had to consider how we could break it out of the holiday seasonality, and get it into the everyday candy aisle as well.

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When concepting the new product for Mrs. Fields Confections, we found that in addition to fitting well in the holiday gifting aisle, Cookie Dough Delights could also help even out the seasonality issue. Bites of cookie dough dipped in chocolate can compete with boxed chocolates and they can be packaged in a format for every day indulging as well. In short, they thrive year-round.

 Need to make your brand relevant again? Happy to chat with you about some steps you should consider!