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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

Kick Named a Leading Minneapolis Agency


Our team at Kick uses our innovative branding and design philosophies to take companies to the next level, no matter their industry or size. For almost 20 years, we have created thoughtfully-designed brands and marketing strategies by recognizing the importance of a customer focused approach. 

Our portfolio of past and current clients stretches across categories, from retailers and pet food brands to medical technology companies and large beauty brands. With all of our past work, we decided it was time for us to join a ratings and reviews platform like Clutch. As a DC-based market research platform for the B2B industry, Clutch lists companies from around the world in dozens of marketing and development sectors and ranks them according to their ability to deliver, the quality of their past and current clientele and work, and their client reviews. These verified, thorough reviews are created by Clutch’s team of analysts via conversations with clients.

We’re ranked as one of the leading branding companies in Minneapolis. We were also named a leading digital marketing agency and SEO service provider in Minneapolis. We are proud to be ranked as one of  their highest-performing companies and a leader in our segments.

We are excited about this success and for the opportunity to share some of our reviews with you! To see more or to leave a review yourself, please visit our profile.

One CMO client of ours told Clutch, “We had a fantastic experience. They challenged us to avoid old habits and outdated practices. They guided us through the process while allowing us to be imaginative in our approach . . .We felt that they were very much a partner of ours, and they invested in our work in a way that most providers do not.”

Another client said, “The fact that they understand my needs is the most valuable asset that I have encountered while working with them. They understand me and my customer base. Throughout the project, they helped me stay focused on the timeline and business goals. They're very good at understanding my business and acting as a partner to keep the project consistent and reach our objectives.”

Thank you to all of our clients for helping us become one of the top digital marketing agencies in Minneapolis.