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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

Perfecting the Trifecta


Retail shelf space is at a premium like never before. It doesn’t matter if your brand is new or established. Distributors, retailers and consumers all expect more from CPG partners.

Your branding and product packaging have to work harder than ever to:

  • make merchant buyers and distributors your best advocates

  • make space by replacing slow-moving competitors

  • make it from the shelf to the shopping cart

A great product or promotional idea isn’t enough. You need to perfect the trifecta.

Your point-of-view is your point-of-difference.

Upstart K-cup broth makers LonoLife were creating a new category with the launch of their new product concept.

“Our agency delved deeply into consumer mindsets and market dynamics,” says Brian Hoppe, National Sales Director at LonoLife. “The branding and packaging that came out of that research honestly and effectively articulated a point-of-view as novel as our products.”

Authentic, aspirational branding and packaging transformed LonoLife from a start-up in a category of one to a one-of-a-kind success story.

Hoppe continues, “Launching LonoLife with distributors and retailers, we quickly heard that we have the perfect trifecta for success: relevance, quality and presentation. ”

What makes relevance, quality and presentation the perfect trifecta for CPG success?

Relevance resonates.

Does your product/service satisfy a need or want that’s genuinely important to people? Does it do so in a way that’s on-trend? Long overdue?

Relevance engages audiences on their own terms. The more you know about any audience, the easier it is to start meaningful conversations with them. That’s where research comes in.

LonoLife helps distributors and retailers expand their K-cup offerings beyond hot drinks. The brand offers consumers a quick, convenient way to enjoy a healthy, hearty broth.


Quality counts.

Have you considered the true value of what you’re bringing to market? Do you add value? Competing on cost alone has limits. Low-cost commodities can be difficult to differentiate.

Quality, on the other hand, can be the quickest way to stand out. Quality products/services often stand out because they’re easier to brand and market. What makes something better is also likely to inspire the curious to become customers.

LonoLife launched without an extensive, expensive ad campaign to ensure success. Branding and packaging piqued curiosity. Quality products sealed more than one deal.


Presentation provokes.

Effective branding and packaging don’t disguise weaknesses in a product or service. They define and differentiate.

How your CPG shows up on shelf (or online) should motivate distributors, retailers and consumers to ask the kinds of questions asked here. Effective branding and packaging will answer those questions, too.

When LonoLife first approached an agency for help with their branding and packaging, the company was little more than a novel product concept. Client and agency alike had all kinds of questions.

Their answers inspired new levels of success.

By 2016’s Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, LonoLife broths were being named a Top 5 Food Trend by the Specialty Food Association.

Three reasons to reevaluate your branding and packaging.

Entrepreneurial upstart or established category leader, the perfect trifecta rings true. The relevance, quality and presentation of your CPG will determine its success or failure.