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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

Reflecting on 15 years

As we box things up and get ready for our office move in a week, I have had a chance to reflect on all of the amazing work we have done at Kick over the past 15 years. I am proud of our insights and creative approaches to every brand — and the corresponding business results.

But I am even more proud of relationships forged. With clients, partners and, importantly, with amazing team members. Team members that stop by to say hello and have impacted the design community world-wide. I miss so many of you and am honored to call many of you friends.


THANK YOU each of you for making life a more rewarding experience.

Hope you will all keep stopping by at our new location for a laugh and a coffee or beer.

Cheers to 15 years!