Ideas that Kick
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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

Shelf Kicker — Defined.


You have a product and want it on a retail shelf. Easy enough! Only problem, nobody has been waiting for your brilliant idea. You need to make room for your product by kicking somebody else off your shelf. That’s where a Shelf Kicker® design comes in. At Kick we use our proven approach to gain insights into retail buyer and consumer mindsets — to convince them to make a little space for you.



First we ask a lot of questions. About you, your capabilities, your competitors, your category. We need to see what is and isn’t being done. Who are the slow movers, the stagnant players on shelf? Who is easy to kick out?


Then we translate our insights into strategies. Our strategies become the foundation to create our branding and messaging approach. A good Shelf Kicker idea challenges the retail status quo. That’s what it means to be a challenger brand. Consumers — specially Millennials — are ready for new products and brands. And new approaches!


We craft brand/product stories that are authentic and relevant to retailer and consumer audiences. Without emotional engagement,  there won’t be a connection to make. No shelf presence to intrigue and convince. Great features can only take you that far. Grab your consumer by the eyeballs and make them feel something.


Without that first smile, there won’t be a first time purchase. Continued smiles guarantee repeat purchases. The back of your package, your website, your social media presence will tell the rest of your story. Do that well and you will create brand and product enthusiasts.

At Kick we’re serious about creating or revitalizing brands. Because there’s nothing more rewarding than watching clients succeed.

Their success begins with how we kick shelf.