Ideas that Kick
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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

The Perfect Trifecta.


Relevance. Quality. Presentation. That’s what you need to transform your entrepreneurial idea into a Shelf Kicker™ challenger brand.

A great idea alone won’t do it. It takes more than making a great product every time. Great branding, packaging and marketing are essential to your success, but they’re still just pieces of a larger, more complicated puzzle.

Relevance. Quality. Presentation.

All three are necessary to compete and to succeed.


Relevance: Does your product/service satisfy a need or want important to people? Does it do so in a way that’s on-trend? Does it disrupt typical category thinking? Relevance speaks to audiences in meaningful ways, engaging them on their terms.

Quality: Are you delivering the right product/service at the right price? Have you considered the true value of what you’re bringing to market? Quality is always at a premium with consumers. Low-cost commodities have fewer ways to compete.

Presentation: Are you counting on incredible branding and marketing to disguise a weakness in your product/service? Does your branding hold its own against leaders in your category? Does your marketing differentiate?

Relevant, quality offerings are easier to brand and market in ways that will turn them into a Shelf Kicker™ that stands out on shelf and online. That’s where we come in.

Entrepreneurs with the perfect trifecta are on their way to a becoming a winning challenger brand that buyers, consumers and competitors notice.


I will have more to say about the perfect trifecta and Shelf Kicker™ branding at the 6th Annual MN Entrepreneur Kick-Off on February 23rd. Follow along on social media! #Ekickoff16, #ShelfKicker and #Fab4Branding should do it.