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News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

News, awards, outloud thinking, etc.

Where the Heart Is.


For many business and creative professionals, community means belonging to a group of like-minded peers. Or the people next to you in your cubicle. Which are valid ways to think about community.

But we think about community a little more broadly. We believe it extends to a balanced lifestyle. Being out in the community, not just looking out our window at it. Working with collaborators — in-office and overseas. We also want to create community within our own walls. And make sure we are doing what it takes to design these things into our projects for our clients and their brands.

Our recent move to a new office space was inspired by the idea of community.


• A large, open workspace — shared as one, cohesive team — encourages collaboration during every stage of every project.

• A full kitchen brings us together to cook, eat and laugh.

• A space of our own makes it easier to bring our dogs to work with us. They inspire us to be playful and enjoy life each day.

• Many of us can bike or walk to our new space — helping to keep us active and creative.

• Agency partners who live in our new neighborhood are already stopping by to visit, bringing along their dogs, snacks and insights sure to make us better at what we do.

• It’s exciting to be near retailers, restaurants and services we’d frequent and befriend even if we weren’t the new design agency on the block.

We’re grateful for everyone who walks through our doors. We always have been.

Stop in and say hello!