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We’re a branding agency where ideas inspire relationships, from consumer packaged goods & food to outdoor & more. 


It’s simple: We’re in this for you, our clients. For tapping in to outside perspectives and digging deep into what makes your business tick. For bending barriers between industries and pushing design boundaries. For creating experiences that engage and brands that break through.

Yep, we’re in the branding biz for the relationships. Because the better we know your audience and you, the better we understand your needs. And that makes for some smart, compelling outcomes.


Who We Are

We’re thinkers and doers... 

It’s not just about what we do, but who we are. And who we are informs everything we do. We’re problem solvers and go-getters, hand plucked from a diverse set of backgrounds with a slew of diverse talents. We don’t all think alike, and that’s exactly how we like it.

We’re small by design, which means we’re a close-knit team that is constantly adapting. Researching businesses of every stripe, studying successes from all categories and tapping in to one another’s expertise to come up with the best solutions for your brand. Our knowledge in one industry informs our growth in others.

with a big network.

But know this: just because we’re small doesn’t mean we’re afraid of big ideas. In fact, big, bold ideas are exactly what we love. That’s why we partner with trusted specialists when the project requires expertise or resources outside our walls. Collaborating is a big part of why we work so well.

That collaboration and cross-category thinking is exactly what our co-founders Stefan Hartung and Mary Kemp had in mind more than 15 years ago when they started Kick.


What people say

You work with the principals and senior people, great minds who bring strategic insights others don’t have. They get under the hood.

Ellen — Senior Director


You guys act like Blackwood owners. You truly invest yourselves in our business. We feel your dedication.



You guys are BADASS ROCK STARS. I’m so thankful for you and the team.

Steph — VP, People & Culture